Untold, Unsung (Working Title)

Not every World War II story has been heard. My upcoming book, Untold, Unsung, modeled on Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, recounts the stories of everyday men and women who served in noncombat roles during the war. These are stories I coaxed from veterans during interviews or pieced together from a son’s or daughter’s scrapbook filled with yellowed newspaper clippings and faded photos. Where memories failed or journals left gaps, I supplied details from research—facts and figures that provide context or answer readers’ questions and thirst for more information.

To date, I have interviewed, among others, an Army Hospital ship nurse, a B-17 mechanic, a Quartermaster Graves Registration Lieutenant, an Army Supply Officer, a member of the Merchant Marine, and an Army Airforce instructor pilot. 

But, I'm not stopping there! If you want to tell your story or that of your parent or grandparent who served, contact me.

The Veterans

Francis "Pete" Peterson: Army Lieutenant whose Graves Registration unit followed Patton through Italy, locating and erecting just some of the three hundred cemeteries that would dot the landscape before the war ended.

Jack T. Coyle, SACO Navy: He wrote two-hundred letters to his wife from his weeks in basic training until the end of the war. The trove of letters includes a few coded messages that divulged his port of call.

Joyce Lunsford, the Manhattan Project: One of the REAL girls of atomic city! I was honored to interview her and get to know her story. It deserves a book, or maybe a movie, but for now ...