In my "spare time", I maintain three blogs .... 

bringing together and sharing thoughts and scribblings on World War II

  Women at Word      
  devoted to women in the arts, what I've dubbed "word art" but also other creative arts or whatever strikes my fancy
  an armchair journey on writers, reading, books, bookstores and other literary points of interest around Georgia 

and (formerly*) posted as a blogger for ...
The Huffington Post  
Gone Global! Yes. My recent posts - about people that inspire me and I hope you - are (click the link to read):

(* The Huffington Posted discontinued its contributors blog in January 2018, but the posts remain on their site)

I've written an article capturing the lessons learned from blogging.

To Blog or Not to Blog: That Is the Question for Authors
Includes a step by step guide to setting up a blog as well as do's and don'ts and other helpful tips.  Contact me at to purchase a copy.
 (PDF, 16 Pages, $9.95)

I also tour with ...
The Book Widows
four fellow authors talk about how men and women read differently and what, if anything. we can doto change this

The Killers Next Door
reading and writing mystery and suspense with three local authors

write short stories, articles and essays ...
  • "Cloudy with a Chance" wins the Atlanta Writers Club finalist for the Terry Kay Prize for fiction and was published in the Adanna Literary Journal, Fall 2017
  • "The Remaking of Lillian" a short story April 24, 2017
  • Susan Smelser and her efforts to save the Book Worm Book Store. The Powder Springs Messenger, March 21, 2016 "It Takes a Book Store"  and in the April 12, 2016 Lady Banks' Commonplace Book Newsletter as "The Southern Bookstore"
  • Minerva Rising's "Keeping Room" asked readers to capture their favorite moments from the summer that's just ending.  I reminisced about my trip to a bleak and barren landscape in Labrador.  Sept 19, 2015 A Light Mist
  • "This Is Not a Death Story" a short essay on the theme "Birth Stories", The Persimmon Tree, April 2016
  • "You Have to Have Support" my entry on balancing writing and life in The Write Balance  July 2012
  • "My Mother's Gifts"  Points North Online Magazine, May 2011
  • "Celebrating Conifers in the Southeast"  Conifer Quarterly, Summer 2011
  • "On Cones and Needles - Conifers in the Garden"  State-by-State Gardening co-authored with Harry Bethea, April 2005

do interviews ...

guest post on other blogs ....
  • Managing multiple blogs, writing short stories, articles, and books, doing interviews and still holding it all together through what I call Integrated Blogging on Southern Writers - Suite T. August 10, 2016Southern Writers Suite T button

  • Exploring the differences between how men and women read on Amy Sue Nathan's blog Women's Fiction Writers.  The Book Widows Are Minding the Gap April 5, 2016
  • Dread reading your book reviews?  Read about how bad book reviews can really help on Amy Sue Nathan's blog Women's Fiction Writers.
    Bad Book Reviews Help Writers March 5, 2015 
  • Do you want to create a trailer for your book but don't know how or whether it's worth the effort?  Read my blog
    Six Tips for Creating Knock-Out Book Trailers on Alice Osborn's blog.  March 2, 2015
  • As an author you've likely suffered rejection after rejection.  Read my Guest Post on Beyond Your Blog about dealing with rejections and my approach.  Rejected? Get Connected  Oct 26, 2014 Beyond Your Blog
  • Ever wonder what leads you to pick up a novel?  I explored the similarities between 2013's best seller list on Amy Sue Nathan's  blog Women's Fiction Writers. Sept 4, 2014  First Lines
  • What is the meaning and importance of gifts we give and receive?  And how did they make their way into a story? Written for Readers Unbound. Dec 16, 2013  Gifts Matter
  • Raised with little regard to gender -- that is believing a woman can do anything a man can, gender seems all of a sudden to matter.  
    Published in Minerva Rising's blog. Sept 19, 2013
    Gender Wars

  • For the Reading Between the Wines Book Club -- a romance writer's site, I wrote about male characters in romance novels -- as seen through a glass of good red wine.  Musings on Male Characters  Oct 11, 2012

and host author chats from time to time at ...

Virtual Village Book Festival    an online facebook chat event featuring a different author each month. Previous authors include: 
Scott Seeke. Julia McDermott. Dr. Terry Segal, The Book Widows, Carole Townsend, Bob Babcock, and Jameson Gregg