Into the Light of Day
A Collection of Short Stories

Almost everyone, with a little prodding, can identify a moment or two from their past that altered their outlook or redirected their life. Often they recall not only where they were or what they were doing at the time, but also vivid, accompanying details--the whine of an over speeding engine, the tang of cheap liquor in a broken, discarded bottle, or the sparkle of a handful of diamonds.

This collection of short stories, the author’s second work, catalogs ten of these moments plucked from the lives of ten individuals, some relatives, others lifelong friends, and still others recent acquaintances. Though fictionalized, the stories, derived from the contributors’ memories, remain true to the original facts, times, and places. In sharing these moments, the author hopes to inspire others to remember and preserve the signal moments of their own lives.

Published January 2013

from "Runners", one of ten stories in the collection:

She remembered her mother’s crying most of all.  At times, the weeping bordered on hysteria, her mother’s head hidden in the crooks of her arms, her shoulders heaving under their burden of grief.  At others, the sobs, stifled behind lace-trimmed handkerchiefs with flowers embroidered in their centers, were sobs Celia heard only if she were silent, waiting for them.  The men did not cry.  Not Alvin’s friends.  Not even his father.  Perhaps, she thought, her mother had cried their share, tacking their grief on to hers long after the accident.    

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