Untold, Unsung (Working Title)

For my next work, I am seeking stories of WWII veterans who served in primarily or officially “noncombat” roles. To date, I have interviewed an Army Hospital ship nurse, a B-17 mechanic, a Quartermaster Graves Registration Lieutenant, an Army Supply Officer, a member of the Merchant Marine, and an Army Airforce instructor pilot. 

But, I'm not stopping there! If you want to tell your story or that of your parent or grandparent who served, contact me.

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Images from World War II:  The Art of Jack Smith
Jack Smith with Rona Simmons

Thanks to a successful "crowdfunding" effort, WWII veteran and artist Jack Smith and Rona Simmons published a book featuring forty of Jack's paintings drawn from iconic photographs of key battles of the War in the Pacific.

Rona Simmons worked with Jack Smith to research and write brief descriptions of the images and the Pacific battles which they portray.  Together Ms. Simmons and Mr. Smith hoped to enable broader distribution and enjoyment of Mr. Smith’s remarkably detailed paintings and to encourage readers to deepen their understanding of the War in the Pacific. Through its images and text, the book is a story of heroism and patriotism, of the stress of combat, and of the staggering loss of life and materiel on both sides of the war. 

Purchase a Copy
The hardback book is available for purchase through Amazon at: amazon.com/Images-World-War-II-Smith
Hardcovers are priced at $35.00.

You may also order copies in hardback, paperback ($24.95) and eBook format ($9.99) by contacting me by email at rona_simmons@bellsouth.net. 

The Work in Progress
 Stan Kaady, photographer shooting Jack's portrait for the cover
    A postcard produced to reward            sponsors
    Rona Simmons with Jack Smith

Watch the Video
A short video explains more here:  Rona Simmons' YouTube Video

Guide to Crowdfunding
And, if you are interested in knowing more about how to conduct your own crowdfunding project, I created a pamphlet on my experience, including the steps to launching a project and the best practices from across the web.  Contact me at rona_simmons@bellsouth.net to purchase a copy.
 (PDF, 13 Pages, $9.95)